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Are you even real

I think [HBO’s Game of Thrones] rides a very fine line and creatively it’s sort of amazing, because I think sometimes people are outraged by how much nudity there is and how compromised women are in these circumstances. And then they find a way to fill these characters with such a richness, and to kind of blindside you with a power that is within a female character, a level of intelligence, a survival skill that can totally outshine any of the other characters that we’re familiar with. And I think that they’re not afraid really shine a light on how fucking terrible it can be for a woman out there. How dangerous it is in this world and the kind of violence that is perpetrated against women.

SDCC Exclusive: Pedro Pascal Gives Us His Take On Game of Thrones Gender Roles | The Mary Sue (via themarysue)

This man was a dream to speak with, for many reasons.

(via thebirdandthebat)

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